Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Child Deaths in CPS "System"

The "child protectors" take the child as a FIRST option in most cases, and put them "in the system," to "protect them" from abuse at home. But their own figures show that these children are much more apt to be abused, even KILLED "in the system" than they ever were at home. It's all a scam to gain CONTROL over your children and keep you from demanding they not be taught socialism as an idea in school. Where it all goes wrong is when those children are abused and KILLED while "in the system." They're routinely ABUSED there, and sometimes KILLED. There have been FIVE such deaths in California recently. I wonder haw many there have been in Denver recently. If there have been, they have been well covered up. How about in YOUR area? Robert Littleton, a blogger who posted a simple list of children who have died IN the child protectors' custody, bent to intimidation and took the list down after threats of suits, you can guess from whom. (Robert Littleton)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Court Overrules Dad

Girl keeps visiting web sites her dad disapproves of; she posts "inappropriate" pictures of herself on the Internet, and her dad "grounds" her for misconduct. The court thought that was "too much" and disallowed it. This happened in Canada, and columnist Paul Jacob says it won't affect us here in the "good old United States." Who has been doing his research? It IS happening here, and much worse! The "child protectors" are "out of control" and think they don't have to follow the law; their "captive courts" agree with them and they lose every time a case actually gets to a higher court because their regular actions violate not only the civil rights of parents, but of children, too. Does this stop them? Naaah! It doesn't even slow them down. They just "surrender" in the one case and go on violating people's tights in every other case they handle. Doesn't affect us here? Sheesh! Do some research, Paul! Otherwise, he's exactly right. (Common Sense)