Sunday, June 05, 2016

"Child Protectors" Overdo It

As usual. This happened in Sweden, but it could (and does) happen here. “Child Protectors” are the same, the world over. But it is kept quiet so we won't know about it. They stole this child because he was being home schooled. That, and ONLY that, was the reason, even if they recently added the fact that he has an unfilled cavity and hadn't had a vaccination, both “put-up accusations that could have been handled (if they're even true) without stealing the child and keeping him for what amounts to HALF his life up to now. They actually stopped an airplane from taking off to steal this child, and have now had SEVEN YEARS to “brainwash” him in their way of thinking. They didn't want him to be home schooled (which is legal in Sweden) because they wouldn't be able to control him in later life. The “child protectors” took my son's two boys and kept them for THREE ye ars, with no charges ever being filed against him. They scammed him out of money several times while they were in their “custody” and, even after they were returned, they charged him MORE money to “reimburse them” for the expense of their “incarceration.” We need to do something about this illegal and overbearing bunch. They SAY what they do is not criminal action, so the Constitution doesn't control their actions. But what they do constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment,” mostly of people (like my son) who are innocent of any wrongdoing. (World Net Daily)