Saturday, April 16, 2011

SWAT "Takes Down" Mom

For refusing to give her daughter anti-psychotic drugs which she refused to do because they made the girl sick. Apparently the “medical police” (and the CPS) think a doctor’s prescription is tantamount to an order from a judge. That individuals no longer have the right to refuse medication. When she refused to allow CPS to kidnap her daughter, they called in SWAT, who broke down her door without a warrant of any kind, using masked men bristling with guns. They say she “opened fire” on them, which is her right when masked, armed men break down her door. After a long standoff, they finally arrested her and took her daughter, and the girl is now being molested in the care of CPS. The mother now faces many felony charges for firing back at the cops. Apparently it’s illegal to defend yourself when the assaulters are cops. Whether or not they are legally breaking in. She's lucky the cops were lousy shots. She could have been dead. You should know that CPS lied about the father’s ability to care for the daughter as a ploy to gain the cooperation of the cops. This is what it’s coming to now, folks. You won’t read about this in the liberal press. They like to keep such stories as “one-off” local stories to keep the world from realizing what they do. (Natural News)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Child Protectors Just "Snatch" Children

They SAY there is “evidence” of “psychological issues” they can’t detail or describe. But that didn’t stop them from just TAKING the children because they are being “home schooled." Authorities even fined the parents $5,000 for home schooling them in the past. Of course, this happened in Sweden where the laws are different. But evidence shows that our own “child protectors” operate the same way and are ALLOWED to do so. And have done so many times in the past. They CLAIM their activities are “civil,” not criminal, and thus constitutional protections don’t apply.

But that’s just a dodge that allows them to operate “extra-constitutionally” in their efforts to collect the myriad “fees” the feds give them at every point in “the process,” from the FIRST DAY after they “snatch” a child until they are either returned to their parents or adopted out. They have a very definite conflict of interest here, in that they PROFIT ($4.500 to $6,000 each) from severing parental rights and manage to adopt the children out. Meanwhile they get “fees” for every day those children are “in the system.” It is to their monetary advantage to delay the return of the children as long as they can.They collect a fee if the child is "in the system" ONE DAY. It's a simple moneymaking scam.

With my own children more than 35 years ago, they stalled and stalled, lying (having NOTHING for which to keep them) about the dates of hearings, and finally succeeding in severing my parental rights by doing so. I was never charged with ANYTHING, but they kept the kids anyway, collecting I don’t know how much in “interim fees” and the final $12,000 [$6,000 each] they collected for adopting them out (I have not seen, nor heard from or about them since. I don’t know if they’re alive or dead. CPS wouldn’t tell me, anyway). $12, 000 because they were “declared” special needs kids—which is not unusual after being removed from their loving home and being “passed around” among foster homes for years while being brainwashed by CPS about how lousy their parents are. What child would NOT be “special needs” child after that? (World Net Daily)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Do Child Protectors Kill So Many Kids?

There is an entire web site devoted specifically to the deaths of CHILDREN while in the “care” of the “child protectors.” The numbers are a lot bigger than those of children who are killed by their own parents. This site not only notes their deaths, they show pictures of these (formerly) adorable children. What frightens me is that many of these children’s parents don’t even know their children are dead because “Children’s Services” don’t tell them. When they lied and conned me out of two of my children, they cut off ALL contact for me. They might as well have been DEAD. Maybe they ARE. I have neither seen, nor heard from them since the oldest was six. With NO charges against ME. (Suncanaa)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who's Watching the "Child Protectors?"

“A 36-year-old Quebec mother has an idea that has been kicked around in this column in the past. She believes child protectors have too much power to be without public overview, and a review board similar to those in police services is needed.” (Ottowa Citizen) She’s right. If what they did to me more than 30 years ago is any indication, she’s MORE than right. They took my two boys from my wife (while I was out of state), charging HER with “criminal child abuse.” They couldn’t prove it, and had NO charges, of any kind, against me. But they kept thwe kids, anyway. They used subterfuge and skullduggery to deny me custody of MY OWN children. Then they lied about the date of the hearing to sever my parental rights until one day I didn’t make it to one of the hearings, at which they severed my parental rights and put my boys up for adoption. This after postponing this meeting time after time when I DID show up This netted them $12,000.00 in federal fees for TWO adoptions. They are even more brazen now, and have even LESS “oversight.” (Equal Justice)