Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"Authorities" Take Newborn From Hospital (Again)

All day hospital people have been giving this mother conflicting information about her baby, then denying they did it. They had been doing things to that baby not allowed without parental consent. A social worker has been threatening to “take the baby” if she did not agree to things they would not answer her questions about. “Put yourself in Jodi’s shoes at this moment. You gave birth that morning in an ambulance. The hospital has made wild and conflicting claims about your baby’s health all day long. You are exhausted. You are in pain. Your husband has gone to check on your children. And a social worker who has threatened to take your baby into police custody is standing in your hospital room demanding that you make an immediate decision.” What would you do? I’d take the baby and leave. But with today’s “child protectors” that would make me a lawbreaker. They can’t say what law, but the police would back them to the hilt. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” So the cops ended up taking the baby on the basis of the social worker’s claims. They claimed (a lie) that the child was suffering from illness or injury, which gave them the right to take the child.

When a judicial officer finally came and heard the case after the parents had been summarily thrown out of the hospital, he (she?) returned custody of the child to her parents. Social workers these days tend to take in a lot more territory than they are entitled to, and the police back them to the hilt, no matter WHAT the law says. And they get away with it until REAL lawyers and judges can intervene. This is a travesty for somebody like Jodi to be subjected to this while going through the pain of childbirth. I wish I could say this is an unusual story; I cannot. It happens every day, all over the country. We need to put a stop to the overreaction of social workers (“child protectors”) backed up by cops who don’t know they are breaking the laws they are supposed to be enforcing. There should be a law passed REQUIRING them to show the law they’re enforcing on demand, BEFORE any action can be taken. They should also be required to recite something like a “Miranda Warning” before any action can be taken. Do you think that will ever happen? Doubtful. (HSLDA)