Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ruining You Financially

Copyright © 2005 By Ray Thomas

One of the child protectors' favorite scams is to ruin their victims financially. In one case, they took the children away "because the mother had to work too much, and that she really couldn't afford to raise these children." Then they demanded more and more money of this mother, and more and more of her time, causing her to lose her job. Then they used this problem they caused as additional cause to keep her children. As usual, they primarily target parents in the lower financial strata so they can't afford the high costs of fighting an agency that has a "bottomless pit" of money to use to hire lawyers and "specialists" to make it look like what they're doing is not extortion and kidnapping.


Copyright © 2005 By Ray Thomas

If you are an effective helper to one of the child protectors' "victims," you can count on having troubles of your own. It is a common practice for the child protectors to attack those who have the temerity to actually help those they "target" by finding something of which they can accuse the helper. It might be a "trumped up" child abuse or child sex abuse charge, or it might be something else entirely. If you're effectively helping their victims in any way, be alert. They'll be "coming after you." They tried to come after me when I was effectively helping my only remaining son to fight them off when they came after his two boys -- a fight we won, costing them $50,000more than they got from the feds. Suzanne Shell is an effective fighter for children and family rights and has been attacked many times, in many ways by the child protectors for it. She has been beaten and arrested on bogus charges many times and is, as this is written, fighting a bogus charge of Unlawful Practice of Law. I’ll keep you informed on the progress of the case. It's in Colorado Supreme Court as this is written. They'll come at you from the least expected angle, so be alert if you're fighting them effectively in any way. Make sure your own skirts are clean because they'll blow anything out of proportion in order to stop you and frighten off other people who would help their victims --much like the Islamic terrorists in Iraq are doing to keep Iraqis in "bondage" to Islamic Law.