Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Child Sex Slaves?

What happens to the children who are taken permanently from parents who have had their parental rights severed? Nobody knows because of "confidentiality." Parents who have been "beaten down" by the system don't know and don't expect to know. It's like their children are dead. The "child protectors" won't tell them and they don't expect them to. Are they legally "adopted out" (for an up to $6,000 "fee") to another "loving family" by the child protectors? Or are they sold to child sex slavers and sent to Saudi Arabia or other countries where child sex slavery is not only allowed, it's encouraged. Child sex slavers sell children not only to Muslim countries, but also to many other countries, including America. How many children disappear every day in this country and how many are found, dead or alive? You do the math. How many children are taken from their parents by the "child protectors" and never seen or heard from again? You do the math. Who is able to see the figures on this and keep track of it? Who looks over their shoulders?

Monday, February 21, 2005

What's Wrong With Child Protection?

A few years ago I was a member of the Lt. Governor's Ad-Hoc Committee on Child Buse Issues, formed in response to, and supposedly to stop the death of another child in foster care. I was a member until I offered a report that "told it like it is" about what's wrong with the child protectors and child protection as it is today. From that point on, I couldn't get a straight answer out of anybody about the place and time of any future meeting. I was effectively "bounced" from the committee. Later they released their "report," the child proteftors were given more money, a couple of low-level child protectors were transferred (not fired) and life went on for everybody but the child who dies and the one or ones who will die next year so they can go through this charade again.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Any press is good press

Suzanne Shell, preeminent defender of falsely accused parents, has been profiled in a Denver weekly, Westword. They seem to think the most important question is, "is she a meddler, as the child protectors maintain, or is she a valuable resource for the falsely accused in their fight aganst a child protector system out of control?" I've seen her in action, several times. And I'd say without fear of contradiction (truthfully) that she is definitely a valuable resource for falsely accused parents in the government's campaign to take away parental rights and authority so they can no longer put a stop to schools teaching collectivism to their children. See the complete article here.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Creating Monsters

When Suzanne Shell walks into a courtroom anywhere in Colorado (or probably elsewhere, too, they assign her her own security. Not to "protect" her, but to protect the court against this little woman who has never done anything to warrant this "personal security" except to be one of the most effective advocates for the falsely accused there is. But in Colorado, "advocates" aren't allowed to help the victims of child abuse laws, so she has to "play their game" and call what she does something else.

Most cases where she assists are usually decided in favor of the family. Because she has examined their "system" completely and reduced it to a "routine" that is discernable if you examine many cases and look at the steps they take. The same scams and schemes come up over and over again, allowing those who "pay attention" to predict their actions with incredible accuracy.

But since most people haven't a clue about how the "child protectors" work, they get "run over" by a "steamroller" because of their lack of knowledge of the scams and schemes that are being used on them. I was one of them more than thirty years ago when they accused my second wife of "criminal child abuse" and took them away. This happened in Indianapolis. I was in California and had come to see the children. But it was not to be. The "child protectors" had already kidnapped them and weren't going to give them back. Even having to drop the charges against her didn't stop them from using every scam and scheme in the book to beat me in my efforts (later joined by her) to get the children back home: hers or mine.

After lying to me several times about the dates and times of hearings, hoping I would not show up, finally they succeeded after eight months of my showing up, time after time, only to have the case postponed. Finally, on the day I didn't show up, due to the erroneous information they gave me about the time and date of the meeting, it was done (snap) just like that. And I was just young and ignorant enough to think "the best interests of the children" would be served if I didn't contest it.

I saw the boys only once after that, when one day I just "showed up" at the foster home and insisted on seeing them. That was the last time I ever saw my boys, and it has been thirty or more years.

I could have avoided all that if there had been a "seminar" of the kind I attended last weekend, put on by Colorado American Family Rights Association where they didn't just attempt to "forewarn" possible victims, but they were helping the "monsters" children's services had created over the years learn how to be effective advocates (under whatever name is decided upon) for the falsely accused. In other words, a whole bunch of Suzanne Shells. She details every step the child protectors use normally in moving from kidnapping the children to taking away parental rights, and shows ways to counter them, one by one.

They "created a monster" in me when they stole my children, and they have suffered by my work when they tried (unsuccessfully) to take my one remaining son's children on equally unsustainable charges and spent $50,ooo more than they got from the feds in the attempt. They now have a "hands off" order on my son and his children. Their mother has several times made "reports" (from Utah) and the cops came out. They found no sustainable problem each time. They don't want to go into a "buzzsaw" again. It amazes me how they think they can continue to "create monsters" all over the world by their actions without suffering retribution. But they continue on, just like they weren't creating enemies wherever they go.

COAFRA is holding many seminars in coming months and years, and it would pay everybody to attend, even if they've never (yet) been bothered by the "child abus...uh, protectors." Forewarned is forearmed. And nobody is safe from them. Up to now, they've been targeting poor people and those who aren't as well-educated as they might be. But they're running out of the "easy cases," and are now beginning to go after people with a bit more money.

COAFRA has many services and much knowledge on their web site. It would pay you to go there and read everything you can. Your family integrity might depend on it. Further, you ought to get on their "mailing list" and be notified when the next seminar will take place so you can attend, before the "child protectors" turn you into a monster by stealing your children. On that site, you will find links to many helpful sources, including the national AFRA organization.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Basic Scam

Copyright © 2005 By Ray Thomas

For many years the public school system has failed to successfully teach our children even the most basic of American and world history, choosing, instead, to condition them to accept the Marxist notion, "From each according to his needs, and to each according to his ability," making need a demand upon the earnings of others. This is commonly known as "collectivism." It also has other names. Among them socialism, communism, Nazism, progressivism, etc. They use many different names in order to confuse people. They "soldier on," conditioning class after class of unsophisticated students (who will believe anything if it sounds good) that stealing from those who earn and giving that stolen to those who don't earn is a virtue. Parents discovered this and protested, causing much trouble for the teachers of collectivism in our schools. They could not have this, so they created a "problem (The Hegelian Principle)," that of increasing child abuse and child sex abuse (a myth, since 80% of "reports" are "not sustainable" even according to their own figures) through many means, including "hot lines" where people could anonymously make "reports" of child abuse with no possibility of repercussions because the accused were barred from "confronting" their accusers, as promised in the United States Constitution (this fostered the lawyer's practice of advising clients to "report" child abuse against their opponents in any kind of legal action, to give their opposition something else to fight).

They further cemented this notion by passing a "Good Samaritan Law" to ensure that "accusers" were fully protected against legal repercussions. They could even keep the names of the accusers secret. In addition, they passed another law forcing people who worked with children regularly, such as doctors, nurses, counselors, and such to "report" any possibility of child abuse they came across in their work, on pain of career-ending sanctions if they don't. But the law is so subjective that even if they don't believe it themselves, they must "make a report," so they do. When they do, they give child services another opportunity to ruin the lives of another parent and teach another child or children that their parents have no power over them. They made another law allowing the federal government to pay local agencies "fees" at every juncture of the "system," making taking a child away from parents, on any pretext, financially advantageous for the agency, with the employees benefiting through bonuses, promotions (more money) and even special awards for them, based on the number of children they could "make available for adoption" by taking away their parental rights (the reason they don't get excited about abuse in foster care is there is no financial advantage for them in it. The child is already "in the system"). The laws under which they operate are so subjective that the individual social worker is able to define the law for themselves, allowing them to do things like viewing one dirty sock on the floor or a few dirty dishes in the sink as a "filthy house" and to thus testify in court.

They can, and do, use anything, even problems they themselves have created, against the parents (Such as breaking the family financially, then claiming they can't afford to keep the children). The "family courts," since they are "bought-and-paid-for," hearing exclusively cases involving minors, allow such "opinion" and "hearsay" testimony in deciding the guilt or innocence of the parent. In this manner, they are using the local child services to destroy parental authority over their children and what's taught them in school. Therefore if a parent objects to what his/her child is being taught in school, the child services can threaten them with "child abuse" charges and in this manner shut them up. They constantly demand more and more things of their victims, all of it costing the parents money and time. This drains their bank accounts and causes them to lose their jobs. Even people who used to be able to pay for their defense are reduced to pauperism, against an agency that has a "bottomless pit" of money to pay lawyers and "counselors." They constantly "double-dip," billing the victims for services for which they have already been reimbursed by the feds. When it's all over, win or lose, they bill the "victims" for "the cost of foster care." That's a little like the communist Chinese executing someone and then billing the family for the cost of the bullet. That's what this is all about, in a simple package.

Using Screwups as a "Fund Raiser"

A child dies in "the system" or is abused or sexually abused in foster care (which is highly likely, according to their own figures) and it makes news. The child abus . . .uh, protectors are ready. They cry "not enough money" and "not enough people" and "case overload (which is the same thing)" and demand more money from the city, county, or state. Whoever is "investigating the situation, the governor, a committee, the mayor, or the child protectors themselves "buy it" because they have not been paying attention, and are (usually) not paying attention now. They give them more money so they can hire more people (or give themselves bonuses or promotions). A few "lower level" people (usually the only ones who really care, and have been "making waves") are disciplined or fired, sometimes even prosecuted ("falling on their swords" to protect the rest) Then the situation is forgotten and they go on as before . . . except for the child who has been traumatized or killed, that is. This is such a regularly-used scam that the only way anybody would not be aware of it is if he/she is not paying attention.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ruining You Financially

Copyright © 2005 By Ray Thomas

One of the child protectors' favorite scams is to ruin their victims financially. In one case, they took the children away "because the mother had to work too much, and that she really couldn't afford to raise these children." Then they demanded more and more money of this mother, and more and more of her time, causing her to lose her job. Then they used this problem they caused as additional cause to keep her children. As usual, they primarily target parents in the lower financial strata so they can't afford the high costs of fighting an agency that has a "bottomless pit" of money to use to hire lawyers and "specialists" to make it look like what they're doing is not extortion and kidnapping.


Copyright © 2005 By Ray Thomas

If you are an effective helper to one of the child protectors' "victims," you can count on having troubles of your own. It is a common practice for the child protectors to attack those who have the temerity to actually help those they "target" by finding something of which they can accuse the helper. It might be a "trumped up" child abuse or child sex abuse charge, or it might be something else entirely. If you're effectively helping their victims in any way, be alert. They'll be "coming after you." They tried to come after me when I was effectively helping my only remaining son to fight them off when they came after his two boys -- a fight we won, costing them $50,000more than they got from the feds. Suzanne Shell is an effective fighter for children and family rights and has been attacked many times, in many ways by the child protectors for it. She has been beaten and arrested on bogus charges many times and is, as this is written, fighting a bogus charge of Unlawful Practice of Law. I’ll keep you informed on the progress of the case. It's in Colorado Supreme Court as this is written. They'll come at you from the least expected angle, so be alert if you're fighting them effectively in any way. Make sure your own skirts are clean because they'll blow anything out of proportion in order to stop you and frighten off other people who would help their victims --much like the Islamic terrorists in Iraq are doing to keep Iraqis in "bondage" to Islamic Law.