Monday, February 07, 2005

Creating Monsters

When Suzanne Shell walks into a courtroom anywhere in Colorado (or probably elsewhere, too, they assign her her own security. Not to "protect" her, but to protect the court against this little woman who has never done anything to warrant this "personal security" except to be one of the most effective advocates for the falsely accused there is. But in Colorado, "advocates" aren't allowed to help the victims of child abuse laws, so she has to "play their game" and call what she does something else.

Most cases where she assists are usually decided in favor of the family. Because she has examined their "system" completely and reduced it to a "routine" that is discernable if you examine many cases and look at the steps they take. The same scams and schemes come up over and over again, allowing those who "pay attention" to predict their actions with incredible accuracy.

But since most people haven't a clue about how the "child protectors" work, they get "run over" by a "steamroller" because of their lack of knowledge of the scams and schemes that are being used on them. I was one of them more than thirty years ago when they accused my second wife of "criminal child abuse" and took them away. This happened in Indianapolis. I was in California and had come to see the children. But it was not to be. The "child protectors" had already kidnapped them and weren't going to give them back. Even having to drop the charges against her didn't stop them from using every scam and scheme in the book to beat me in my efforts (later joined by her) to get the children back home: hers or mine.

After lying to me several times about the dates and times of hearings, hoping I would not show up, finally they succeeded after eight months of my showing up, time after time, only to have the case postponed. Finally, on the day I didn't show up, due to the erroneous information they gave me about the time and date of the meeting, it was done (snap) just like that. And I was just young and ignorant enough to think "the best interests of the children" would be served if I didn't contest it.

I saw the boys only once after that, when one day I just "showed up" at the foster home and insisted on seeing them. That was the last time I ever saw my boys, and it has been thirty or more years.

I could have avoided all that if there had been a "seminar" of the kind I attended last weekend, put on by Colorado American Family Rights Association where they didn't just attempt to "forewarn" possible victims, but they were helping the "monsters" children's services had created over the years learn how to be effective advocates (under whatever name is decided upon) for the falsely accused. In other words, a whole bunch of Suzanne Shells. She details every step the child protectors use normally in moving from kidnapping the children to taking away parental rights, and shows ways to counter them, one by one.

They "created a monster" in me when they stole my children, and they have suffered by my work when they tried (unsuccessfully) to take my one remaining son's children on equally unsustainable charges and spent $50,ooo more than they got from the feds in the attempt. They now have a "hands off" order on my son and his children. Their mother has several times made "reports" (from Utah) and the cops came out. They found no sustainable problem each time. They don't want to go into a "buzzsaw" again. It amazes me how they think they can continue to "create monsters" all over the world by their actions without suffering retribution. But they continue on, just like they weren't creating enemies wherever they go.

COAFRA is holding many seminars in coming months and years, and it would pay everybody to attend, even if they've never (yet) been bothered by the "child abus...uh, protectors." Forewarned is forearmed. And nobody is safe from them. Up to now, they've been targeting poor people and those who aren't as well-educated as they might be. But they're running out of the "easy cases," and are now beginning to go after people with a bit more money.

COAFRA has many services and much knowledge on their web site. It would pay you to go there and read everything you can. Your family integrity might depend on it. Further, you ought to get on their "mailing list" and be notified when the next seminar will take place so you can attend, before the "child protectors" turn you into a monster by stealing your children. On that site, you will find links to many helpful sources, including the national AFRA organization.


Laura Morseth said...

I've dealt with CPS-social GUTTER govt., for 41 years! Their tactics, AREN'T new to me. I was given a Ride at age 5, I did NOT ask to go on, by them.
All of YOU, need to read these sites, IF you can get on them. Dr. Brown, of little rock, arkansas, is an EXPERT, on what IS going on with OUR CHILDREN! So is an ex-FBI guy. (moral? christian? BLIND POLITICAL SUPPORT?)

This explains in a NUTSHELL, why Social Services, is so quick, to just take CHILDREN, for NO reasons. A Social Worker Friend, just had her 2 removed-retaliation, for being HONEST! She retired from them, and SPILLED the beans. YES, just as Fed. govt., they WILL go after, even their own, Rich, Poor or in between.

PLEASE, examine these sites, for Your own good, and the good of ALL children.

I recently discovered, since the 1950's how COMMONPLACE my situation was - age 5, removed from my Family, for NO reasons! The Workers latch on, and hang on, even to Ones' Future generations - my Grandkids!

One granddaughter, "Nessi", everyone knows about, even PRESIDENT BUSH, had to be given to her dad(he's a good person), so Social Services wouldn't get her. I had to send the PATERNITY papers, to President Bush, as Oklahoma, REFUSED to accept them, and kept throwing the Dads' paperwork away. Wonder why?

Dr. Roger Browns National Advisory report, explains very well. The BUSH men, have been involved, but NOT caught, in the scheme, not yet anyway. President Bush, does not like me, one bit.

As you can see, I am NOT afraid to use my name? I have good reason, for NOT liking this Administration, and many before!

Ray Thomas, 30 years ago - told it TRUE!

Anonymous said...
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