Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Using Screwups as a "Fund Raiser"

A child dies in "the system" or is abused or sexually abused in foster care (which is highly likely, according to their own figures) and it makes news. The child abus . . .uh, protectors are ready. They cry "not enough money" and "not enough people" and "case overload (which is the same thing)" and demand more money from the city, county, or state. Whoever is "investigating the situation, the governor, a committee, the mayor, or the child protectors themselves "buy it" because they have not been paying attention, and are (usually) not paying attention now. They give them more money so they can hire more people (or give themselves bonuses or promotions). A few "lower level" people (usually the only ones who really care, and have been "making waves") are disciplined or fired, sometimes even prosecuted ("falling on their swords" to protect the rest) Then the situation is forgotten and they go on as before . . . except for the child who has been traumatized or killed, that is. This is such a regularly-used scam that the only way anybody would not be aware of it is if he/she is not paying attention.

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