Thursday, February 10, 2005

Any press is good press

Suzanne Shell, preeminent defender of falsely accused parents, has been profiled in a Denver weekly, Westword. They seem to think the most important question is, "is she a meddler, as the child protectors maintain, or is she a valuable resource for the falsely accused in their fight aganst a child protector system out of control?" I've seen her in action, several times. And I'd say without fear of contradiction (truthfully) that she is definitely a valuable resource for falsely accused parents in the government's campaign to take away parental rights and authority so they can no longer put a stop to schools teaching collectivism to their children. See the complete article here.


Sonny said...

hey ray,

gut wrenching agony!%#~?!!-reading your post about CPS or DSS, or whatever abbreviation they try and hide behind.
my youngest son was 10 when we arrived in Ada County. that was valentine's day 2001. he has been in foster home, group home, juvenile detention, and finally @ Northwest Children's Home. Last Dec. was the last time we had a "supervised" visit--my other son & i drove over a thousand miles to celebrate his 14th BD with him.
i feel as though i have been paralyzed by the very agengies i went to for help. what my boys & i, and thousands of other innocent families have been subjected to by the "Helfare" dept in this country is nothing short of an atrocity.
I have more than a few comments on this subject; from a "been there, still there" point of view.

Ray Thomas said...


If you've written me recently and haven't received a reply, I apologize. Here's why:

About three weeks ago they took me to the hospital with heart-attack-like pains. They discovered that while I hadn't actually HAD a heart attack, they needed to go in and take a look. So I had two angiograms done in two days, and a quadruple bypass, since four arteries were occluded, one completely. I've been suffering ever since.

They cracked me open and took my heart out, playing with it for a while on the table. Then they put it back in and goosed it so it would start working again. In doing this, they REALLY "put a hurt" on me I hope never to repeat.

I'm still in a nursing home trying to get better. Sunday was the first day I felt like sitting up long enough to write this.

They're still treating me like a egg they don't want to break, but which they want to keep moving. I'm still not too good, but I AM getting better. I hope to soon be back at the old stands, irritating liberals and child-abusing child protectors.


Ray Thomas said...

Update to my previous comment:

I've probably recovered from my medical problems as much as I'm going to. I CAN walk, but not much, and not very fast. I CAN sit at this computer and type with both hands again. I will keep on putting pressure on the "child protectors" as long as I am alive by bringing notice of their crimes to a national audience, so that they cannot keep such atrocities as "local stories."