Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Do Child Protectors Kill So Many Kids?

There is an entire web site devoted specifically to the deaths of CHILDREN while in the “care” of the “child protectors.” The numbers are a lot bigger than those of children who are killed by their own parents. This site not only notes their deaths, they show pictures of these (formerly) adorable children. What frightens me is that many of these children’s parents don’t even know their children are dead because “Children’s Services” don’t tell them. When they lied and conned me out of two of my children, they cut off ALL contact for me. They might as well have been DEAD. Maybe they ARE. I have neither seen, nor heard from them since the oldest was six. With NO charges against ME. (Suncanaa)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who's Watching the "Child Protectors?"

“A 36-year-old Quebec mother has an idea that has been kicked around in this column in the past. She believes child protectors have too much power to be without public overview, and a review board similar to those in police services is needed.” (Ottowa Citizen) She’s right. If what they did to me more than 30 years ago is any indication, she’s MORE than right. They took my two boys from my wife (while I was out of state), charging HER with “criminal child abuse.” They couldn’t prove it, and had NO charges, of any kind, against me. But they kept thwe kids, anyway. They used subterfuge and skullduggery to deny me custody of MY OWN children. Then they lied about the date of the hearing to sever my parental rights until one day I didn’t make it to one of the hearings, at which they severed my parental rights and put my boys up for adoption. This after postponing this meeting time after time when I DID show up This netted them $12,000.00 in federal fees for TWO adoptions. They are even more brazen now, and have even LESS “oversight.” (Equal Justice)