Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Don't Always Lose

One Father in Missouri that the Missouri VOCAL (Victims of Child Protection Laws) organization worked with finally got to see his son after SEVEN YEARS “in the system.” A baby sitter falsely accused this father of sexually abusing his then 4-year-old child. But the child (whose “coaching” apparently didn’t “take,”) said nothing of the sort ever happened. The charges were eventually dropped, but that meant nothing to the “child protectors,” who viewed him as guilty even though he was acquitted (they just couldn't prove it). CPS kept the son, and his behavior kept getting worse until he was finally imprisoned in “Boy’s Town,” where the father is now able to visit him. This resulted in the boy’s behavior improving. The “child protectors” did irreparable damage to this boy (and his father) but will never admit it, although they are now talking about letting him go home with his father. (This story came from VOCAL of Missouri)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Controlling Your Children

Obama and other liberal socialists know they have to get to the children when they're too young to know better with their insidious message of socialism as an ideal. "Dirty secret No. 1 in Obamacare is about the government's coming into homes and usurping parental rights over child care and development. It's outlined in sections 440 and 1904 of the House bill (Page 838), under the heading 'home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children.' “ With this, their control over your children will be complete. This takes it much further than did the “Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act of 1974 (CAPTA),” which gave local “child abus . . .protectors” the INCENTIVE to interfere in your raising of your children so they could “criminalize” parents and dispense with their parental right to complain when their children are taught socialism as an ideal in school. Hitler knew if you could get to the children early, it would be easier to control them later. So does Obama. (The Patriot Post)