Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Well, we’ve reached another Fourth of July. But how much longer will we be “allowed” to celebrate this important date in our history with such as Obama in power? He has already stated his opinion that “we didn’t need a revolution” to get free of England. What kind of STUPID PILLS has he been taking? Anyway, let’s celebrate it as long as we can. I’m taking the day off. You’ve probably noticed that I’m now posting 7 days a week and in FOUR blogs instead of three. That’s because I’m no longer able to do the job I was paid to do and had to quit. Now ALL my work is FREE. You can find my books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I may even write another one. I know I don't post too often here, but SIX blogs is a lot. I only post here when I see something really egregious the "child protectors" have done. I wish I were younger and had enough energy to post every day in all my  blogs.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rember Baby Sammy?

The baby who needed heart surgery and was being given the wrong medicine by one hospital, and the parents had the temerity to ask for a second opinion, causing the cops to unconstitutionally come into their home with guns drawn or with their hands on their guns, only to take the child to another hospital which did operate on the child? They brought the “child protectors” with them, who would tell them nothing, claiming this very calm and collected mother she was “not rational” at that time, when she WAS. This is how the “child protectors” operate. They claim things that do not exist in order to maintain their illegal power. The child is now home and the “child protectors” have been forced to “back off.” Wiser heads prevailed. (Info Wars)

Monday, May 13, 2013

School Goes Into Spasms Over Nerf Gun

In a typical example of the STUPIDITY of today’s “school officials,” a ”worker” overheard two students talking about a “gun” and panic ensued. The school was “locked down” and a search ensued. They found that “dastardly weapon” and it was a “Nerf gun” the kids were playing with. After the panic was over, the “school officials” said the child MAY be punished for “bringing a gun to school.” This reminds me of the panic at another school, caused by a child chewing a “PopTart” into the shape of a gun. Predictably, the “authorities” panicked, the school was shut down, a search was done and the errant Pop Tart was found. Red faced “officials” there said, again predictably, that the “dastardly villain,” the child with the destructive teeth, would be suspended. Sometimes I think these kids do these things on purpose to get a “day off” from school, since they are aware of the stupidity of these “officials” and they can “play them like violins. Looks like the kids ARE smarter than the “school officials.” (NY Daily News)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

5-Year-Old Called Terrorist!

This is what we’ve come to with ignorant liberals “in control.” A FIVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL is suspended from school and labeled a “terrorist” after speaking out in favor of “Hello Kitty” bubble gum. “Elementary-age children are apparently the newest terrorist threat in America today, as an increasing number of them are being indicted as criminals for playing with, or even just talking about, plastic toy guns at government-run public schools. One of the most recent victims to endure the wrath of the out-of-control, politically-correct police state nightmare that is taking over America is a five-year-old girl from Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Central Pennsylvania who was recently suspended and accused of being a terrorist for the crime of talking about playing with a plastic, Hello Kitty bubble-making "gun" toy with her friends.” What kind of TWISTED THINKING could cause an “otherwise intelligent” school official to suspend her and label her as a “terrorist” for TALKING about a "Hello Kitty" bubble gun. This so-called” school official should be fired for STUPIDITY. The PC Police have taken over in our schools, assisted by fool “officials.” (Patriot Action Network)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Child Deaths "In Custody"

The “child protection services” ought to be called the “legal child murderers.” In the years from 2007 to 2012, 72 children died while under CPS “investigation.” I don’t know how many more children died WITHOUT CPS “investigations,” but I’d bet it was a lot less. CPS are SUPPOSED to be “protecting children,” but they seem to be KILLING more children than they save. Further, there are children hurt while under “CPS investigation” than in any other situation. Meanwhile, they ruin the lives of COUNTLESS families with their heavy-handed, unconstitutional “investigations,” in which they use methods the Nazis would have loved. At the same time, a MAJORITY of “investigations,” after all the depredations committed by CPS, are later judged “unfounded.” (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Left Pushing Pedopilia

Don’t laugh. Don’t say it will never happen. Many people said this country would never make homosexuality legal, but it has not only made it “mainstream,” it has made criticizing it bigotry by the simple mechanism of CALLING IT that over and over. When it was first suggested, it was poo-poohed. Now it is LAW. And it could happen with pedophilia, too because there are a lot of people pushing MAKING screwing little children legal and “main stream.” Children haven’t been on this Earth long enough to know how WRONG it is (They’ll call me bigoted for that true statement) I think many of the people pushing it are themselves, pedophiles. If they can call me names, I can call them names, too. It’s not bigotry to call a pedophile wrong, it’s the simple truth. The child might not know it’s wrong, but the “grownup” ought to. (Rush Limbaugh)