Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Okay To Spank Kids?

Yes. In spite of insidious propaganda like this, spanking your kids early in life is NECESSARY to convince them you WILL do it. I did it, and usually did not have to use corporal punishment on my kids later in life because they KNEW I’d do it. Today, kids who know their parents will not spank them run wild because they have been taught that all they have to do it threaten to “turn their parents in” to the “child protectors” if they feel (in their infinite wisdom) that they’re being abused. Today they teach parents NOT to spank them and when they (predictably) get in trouble, they want to blame the parents. I’m sure you’ve heard “authorities” talking about “punishing the parents” of obstreperous kids when it was “the authorities” who destroyed the parents’ ability to control them with their faulty teachings. (Soda Head)