Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Foster Parent Starves Child to Death

And I won't add the usually obligatory "alleged" to this because medical experts who have autopsied many children WITH diabetes have already testified that Chandler Grafton DID NOT have diabetes and had "stopped growing" five or more days before he died, which is, to those who do autopsies, obvious evidence of starvation. I've said for a long time that children are in dire danger from some foster parents, more than they ever were in their own homes, and they keep on proving me right. Their own figures prove me right (although they play them down). I still don't know what happened to my own two boys that they stole from my second wife and me more than thirty years ago, with no provable charges against her and none ever laid on me. They may be dead. I don't know. If they were, does anybody think CPS would tell me, their parent? (Rocky Mountain News)

Ho Hum, Business As Usual at CPS

"Sacramento County officials announce Tuesday that they will hire an independent expert to conduct a CPS critical case and practice review. At the announcement, from left to right are Nav Gill, Sacramento County Chief Operations Officer, Lynn Frank, director of the Department of Health and Human Services, Roger Dickinson, County Supervisor, Laura Coulthard, CPS Director and Ann Edwards-Buckley, deputy administrator." Here we go again. They'll "investigate" CPS practices and will predictably agree with them that they don't have enough money or enough people for their caseload. So they'll give them more money and "turn them loose," as usual. There MIGHT be one or two "scapegoats," but most of the people responsible for those deaths of children under CPS auspices will go on doing what they've done for years, abusing children and their parents in the name of "child protection." In Denver, a child was systematically starved to death by a FOSTER PARENT, so we'll probably get another "Governor's Committee" to investigate CPS (again) and the same thing will happen (as it has many times in the past). (Sacramento Bee)