Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Teaching The Wrong Thing

Children more often grew up to be responsible citizens back when we were allowed to properly punish them when they did bad things. It certainly worked with me, when my dad whipped me with a short section of air hose a couple of times (he only needed one or two times before I never again did anything to warrant it). But today, kids are being taught that if they didn’t like how they were punished, all they had to do was “drop a dime” on their parents and their parents to CPS and they will be punished for the way they punished THEM. They’re teaching us NEVER to use corporal punishment on our kids. And when those kids predictably get into trouble, they want to punish US! Now a football player’s career is threatened when he is charged with a CRIME for doing what many of our grandparents did to “keep us in line.” Whipping his child with a TWIG may END his football career and cost him MILLIONS of dollars because of the wimpy “system” we have today. (Mail Online)