Friday, January 08, 2010

Judge Dictates Religion

“Do you think judges should have the power to decide what religion your children must belong to and which churches they may be prohibited from attending? We have long suspected that family courts are the most dictatorial and biased of all U.S. courts, routinely depriving divorced fathers of due process rights and authority over their own children, but this December a Chicago judge went beyond the pale. Cook County Circuit Judge Edward Jordan issued a restraining order to prohibit Joseph Reyes from taking his 3-year-old daughter to any non-Jewish religious activities because the ex-wife argued that would contribute to "the emotional detriment of the child." Mrs. Rebecca Reyes wants to raise her daughter in the Jewish religion, and the judge sided with the mother.” So what else is new? Judges making unconstitutional rulings, especially in “family court” is not new at all. They do it every day and defendants, who don’t have nearly as much money behind them as do the “family services,” can’t “make a Constitutional case out of it.” So they get away with it. What we need is a bunch of lawyers to take these cases on a “pro-bono” basis, so they can’t continue to get away with it. (Phyllis Schlafley) Thanks to Carl spitzer for bringing this to my attention.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Not Fit for Kennedy's Seat?

What could make a person not fit to replace Teddy Kennedy? Who could do worse things than Teddy did in his lifetime? Maybe keeping a clearly innocent man in prison to advance her own career is one. What is there about this Senate seat that requires people of such low character to fill it? Massachusetts is famous for the villainous nature of its elected officials and its “witch hunts.” Mass. burned many innocent women many years ago, calling them “witches.” Later witch hunts involved imagined child sex abuse, which she gaily perpetrated. To be later named a Senator to replace one of the most villainous senators ever seems likely. (Ann Coulter)