Monday, May 13, 2013

School Goes Into Spasms Over Nerf Gun

In a typical example of the STUPIDITY of today’s “school officials,” a ”worker” overheard two students talking about a “gun” and panic ensued. The school was “locked down” and a search ensued. They found that “dastardly weapon” and it was a “Nerf gun” the kids were playing with. After the panic was over, the “school officials” said the child MAY be punished for “bringing a gun to school.” This reminds me of the panic at another school, caused by a child chewing a “PopTart” into the shape of a gun. Predictably, the “authorities” panicked, the school was shut down, a search was done and the errant Pop Tart was found. Red faced “officials” there said, again predictably, that the “dastardly villain,” the child with the destructive teeth, would be suspended. Sometimes I think these kids do these things on purpose to get a “day off” from school, since they are aware of the stupidity of these “officials” and they can “play them like violins. Looks like the kids ARE smarter than the “school officials.” (NY Daily News)