Thursday, November 29, 2007

Italians Take U. S. Soldier's Children

This while she was on a mission. "On Oct. 13, police in Pordenone, Italy, took away Staff Sgt. Kris Wylie's daughters -- Leighlora, 7, and Lillian Ann, 5 -- from the custody of her Italian fiancé at their off-base home while Wylie was on a mission outside of Italy. They were put in the Italian version of Child Protective Services. 'You think of the children themselves in a strange place with strangers,' said Bob Benson, of White Bear Lake, Minn., a suburb of St. Paul. 'Fortunately they can speak the language, but they aren't with their parents; they were just ripped away, no reasons given, no paperwork, no nothing.' [So what else is new with "child protectors" everywhere? -RT] Italian authorities have charged Wylie, 28, with three counts connected to the maltreatment of children, according to Tech. Sgt. Michael O'Connor at the Aviano Air Force Base in Aviano, Italy." We've always treated our soldiers the best way we know how, but apparently the Italians don't. At least, not when the parent(s) are not Italian. The "child protector" mindset (everywhere) is a strange one. (World Net Daily, 10/20/07)

Step-Father Kills Girl

"Baby Grace" wouldn't say "yes, sir" and "no sir." So he killed her. I know obstreperous children can be trying, but this girl did nothing that required a "death sentence." The mother and step-father have been arrested. I publish this because I've been criticized as being "unalterably against the "child protectors." I'm not. I AM "unalterably against" their penchant to carry EVERY "investigation" to the "bitter end," even after finding proof it is not "sustainable," so they can "maximize" the amount of money they get from the government at every juncture (they even have seminars on how to do this). Statistics (theirs, though buried) show that more than 90% of all "reports" of child abuse are "unsustainable." But they continue to spend a lot of time on them, robbing themselves of the opportunity to ferret out REAL child abuse such as this. The picture on the right is an artist's rendering they used in the search for this tiny girl, beaten to death by a (no doubt brave) man. The drawing is amazingly like the real picture, although it unfortunately looks like a ventriloquist's dummy. (AOL News,11/29/07)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Foster Parent Kills Child

This is happening way too often, and when it does, the "child protectors" lay on the mildest possible sentence. There will no doubt be an "investigation," which the "child protectors" (or the State) will run, after which they will claim too much work (this guy had 12 kids in his home) and too little money. In other words, they'll use this as a "fund-raiser," as usual. Notice only a couple of the other kids in his "home" were removed after he killed this kid. I predict that this story will NOT make the national news. It will be kept as a "local story" so as not to alert Americans nation-wide as to what happened. This boy was obviously a "handful," from the story told. But being a handful didn't rate a death sentence. This is yet another story to illustrate the fact (born out by their own figures, albeit buried) that kids are much more likely to be hurt or even killed in "the system" than they ever were at home. (The Tennesean, 11/27/07)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gay "Foster Parents" Accused

No, they're not "legal" foster parents. But the "child protectors" thought they were a good choice to "care" for a child after his mother died. But they consistently abused him until he ran away and told the authorities (not the "child protectors") what they were doing to him. He's now back in the custody of the "child protectors." There's no telling who will get to abuse him next, while in their "care." This is nothing against their "gayness," but I wouldn't turn ANY defenseless child over to the "tender mercies" of this duo. This is yet another case where the child was in more danger while "in the system" than anywhere else. (ABC News, 11/27/07)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Shaken Baby Syndrome" Exposed as Fraud

We've heard a lot about "shaken baby syndrome" recently and there's even an ongoing television commercial about it that runs sometimes several times an evening. But now we hear it has been "over diagnosed" so as to criminalize parents. The same seems to be true of "Munchausen's Syndrome." These, and other scams are routinely used by the "child protectors" to criminalize parents so they can take their children, ultimately (they hope) to terminate their parental rights and put them up for adoption. It is a not-very-well-known fact that every child they take gains them the payment of a fee from the government at every juncture while the child is "in the system," for no matter how short a time. And if they can adopt them out, they get a BIG fee for each child. Such incentives lead to further incentives by the agency to the "workers," who can earn them by stealing more children. (London Sunday Times, /07)