Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Shaken Baby Syndrome" Exposed as Fraud

We've heard a lot about "shaken baby syndrome" recently and there's even an ongoing television commercial about it that runs sometimes several times an evening. But now we hear it has been "over diagnosed" so as to criminalize parents. The same seems to be true of "Munchausen's Syndrome." These, and other scams are routinely used by the "child protectors" to criminalize parents so they can take their children, ultimately (they hope) to terminate their parental rights and put them up for adoption. It is a not-very-well-known fact that every child they take gains them the payment of a fee from the government at every juncture while the child is "in the system," for no matter how short a time. And if they can adopt them out, they get a BIG fee for each child. Such incentives lead to further incentives by the agency to the "workers," who can earn them by stealing more children. (London Sunday Times, /07)

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