Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Profane Justice

This book, written by one of the premier activists for children and families, and against the "child protectors," who do more damage to, and abuse more children by ripping them from the loving arms of their parents, to put them "in the system" where they are twice as apt to be abused or sexually abused than they ever would be at home (by their own figures) is a "must read" for anyone who has children because every one of you are targets for the "child protectors," who have no concept of law. They "define" for themselves just what the "law" is with regard to child abuse and take the child as a first option, not the last. Then they take you into their "captive courts" which allows their opinions to be regarded as fact. If they target you, you can count on a multi-year fight that costs you a lot of money, even if you win, as we did. Then they bill you for some amazing amount of money for "the cost of child care" while they were "in the system." This ignores the fact that they get paid by the feds at every juncture. They get paid for every child "in the system," no matter how short a time. If they manage to wrest parental control from the parents and successfully put the child up for adoption they get paid $4,500. If the child is a "special needs" child (and what child isn't "special needs" after being "in the system" for a while?) they get $6,500. And to create a "special needs" child, all they have to do is check the appropriate box on a federal form. This book gives you many tips on how to rebuff them and beat the efforts of the "child protectors" to take your children and criminalize you while making a profit. (Easy Book Search,)

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