Saturday, October 27, 2007

Child Sex Abuse in Foster Care

It's a proven fact that children in foster care are TWICE as apt to be abused and/or sexually abused in foster care than they ever were at home with their parents, who usually love them and want to protect them. There is a firm of lawyers now who are DEDICATED to this, who tell us, "The number of children in foster care who are the victims of sexual abuse is alarming. In our experience advocating for children in foster care since 1984, we have found that the overwhelming majority of staff responsible for children in foster care do not have the information, skills or training necessary to respond to the needs of sexually abused and abusing children. As a result, agencies are often not able to provide proper intervention for these children. In fact, agency clinicians repeatedly ask Lawyers For Children to provide them with treatment information and resources. Once in foster care, sexually abused children are particularly vulnerable to repeated incidents of abuse. Many factors within the foster care system contribute to their increased risk, such as multiple transfers, rapid staff turnover, and lack of appropriate treatment and clinical services." We're putting this link on our "Child Protector Watch" site. (Lawyers for Children,)

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