Thursday, November 29, 2007

Step-Father Kills Girl

"Baby Grace" wouldn't say "yes, sir" and "no sir." So he killed her. I know obstreperous children can be trying, but this girl did nothing that required a "death sentence." The mother and step-father have been arrested. I publish this because I've been criticized as being "unalterably against the "child protectors." I'm not. I AM "unalterably against" their penchant to carry EVERY "investigation" to the "bitter end," even after finding proof it is not "sustainable," so they can "maximize" the amount of money they get from the government at every juncture (they even have seminars on how to do this). Statistics (theirs, though buried) show that more than 90% of all "reports" of child abuse are "unsustainable." But they continue to spend a lot of time on them, robbing themselves of the opportunity to ferret out REAL child abuse such as this. The picture on the right is an artist's rendering they used in the search for this tiny girl, beaten to death by a (no doubt brave) man. The drawing is amazingly like the real picture, although it unfortunately looks like a ventriloquist's dummy. (AOL News,11/29/07)

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