Thursday, November 29, 2007

Italians Take U. S. Soldier's Children

This while she was on a mission. "On Oct. 13, police in Pordenone, Italy, took away Staff Sgt. Kris Wylie's daughters -- Leighlora, 7, and Lillian Ann, 5 -- from the custody of her Italian fiancé at their off-base home while Wylie was on a mission outside of Italy. They were put in the Italian version of Child Protective Services. 'You think of the children themselves in a strange place with strangers,' said Bob Benson, of White Bear Lake, Minn., a suburb of St. Paul. 'Fortunately they can speak the language, but they aren't with their parents; they were just ripped away, no reasons given, no paperwork, no nothing.' [So what else is new with "child protectors" everywhere? -RT] Italian authorities have charged Wylie, 28, with three counts connected to the maltreatment of children, according to Tech. Sgt. Michael O'Connor at the Aviano Air Force Base in Aviano, Italy." We've always treated our soldiers the best way we know how, but apparently the Italians don't. At least, not when the parent(s) are not Italian. The "child protector" mindset (everywhere) is a strange one. (World Net Daily, 10/20/07)

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