Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Foster Parent Kills Child

This is happening way too often, and when it does, the "child protectors" lay on the mildest possible sentence. There will no doubt be an "investigation," which the "child protectors" (or the State) will run, after which they will claim too much work (this guy had 12 kids in his home) and too little money. In other words, they'll use this as a "fund-raiser," as usual. Notice only a couple of the other kids in his "home" were removed after he killed this kid. I predict that this story will NOT make the national news. It will be kept as a "local story" so as not to alert Americans nation-wide as to what happened. This boy was obviously a "handful," from the story told. But being a handful didn't rate a death sentence. This is yet another story to illustrate the fact (born out by their own figures, albeit buried) that kids are much more likely to be hurt or even killed in "the system" than they ever were at home. (The Tennesean, 11/27/07)

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