Sunday, February 17, 2013

5-Year-Old Called Terrorist!

This is what we’ve come to with ignorant liberals “in control.” A FIVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL is suspended from school and labeled a “terrorist” after speaking out in favor of “Hello Kitty” bubble gum. “Elementary-age children are apparently the newest terrorist threat in America today, as an increasing number of them are being indicted as criminals for playing with, or even just talking about, plastic toy guns at government-run public schools. One of the most recent victims to endure the wrath of the out-of-control, politically-correct police state nightmare that is taking over America is a five-year-old girl from Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Central Pennsylvania who was recently suspended and accused of being a terrorist for the crime of talking about playing with a plastic, Hello Kitty bubble-making "gun" toy with her friends.” What kind of TWISTED THINKING could cause an “otherwise intelligent” school official to suspend her and label her as a “terrorist” for TALKING about a "Hello Kitty" bubble gun. This so-called” school official should be fired for STUPIDITY. The PC Police have taken over in our schools, assisted by fool “officials.” (Patriot Action Network)

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