Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Child Sex Slaves?

What happens to the children who are taken permanently from parents who have had their parental rights severed? Nobody knows because of "confidentiality." Parents who have been "beaten down" by the system don't know and don't expect to know. It's like their children are dead. The "child protectors" won't tell them and they don't expect them to. Are they legally "adopted out" (for an up to $6,000 "fee") to another "loving family" by the child protectors? Or are they sold to child sex slavers and sent to Saudi Arabia or other countries where child sex slavery is not only allowed, it's encouraged. Child sex slavers sell children not only to Muslim countries, but also to many other countries, including America. How many children disappear every day in this country and how many are found, dead or alive? You do the math. How many children are taken from their parents by the "child protectors" and never seen or heard from again? You do the math. Who is able to see the figures on this and keep track of it? Who looks over their shoulders?


Accounting Center said...
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mary august said...

I would like to know where my daughter Harmony Grace August is.
LaGrande Oregon CPS is guilty of numerous crimes including color of the law kidnapping and adoption and falsifing reports to steal my little girl and termation of parental rights. I want the Nation to know these people are crimanls and should serve life senteces.
Mary August

lisatheobold94686950 said...
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