Wednesday, January 26, 2005


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If you are an effective helper to one of the child protectors' "victims," you can count on having troubles of your own. It is a common practice for the child protectors to attack those who have the temerity to actually help those they "target" by finding something of which they can accuse the helper. It might be a "trumped up" child abuse or child sex abuse charge, or it might be something else entirely. If you're effectively helping their victims in any way, be alert. They'll be "coming after you." They tried to come after me when I was effectively helping my only remaining son to fight them off when they came after his two boys -- a fight we won, costing them $50,000more than they got from the feds. Suzanne Shell is an effective fighter for children and family rights and has been attacked many times, in many ways by the child protectors for it. She has been beaten and arrested on bogus charges many times and is, as this is written, fighting a bogus charge of Unlawful Practice of Law. I’ll keep you informed on the progress of the case. It's in Colorado Supreme Court as this is written. They'll come at you from the least expected angle, so be alert if you're fighting them effectively in any way. Make sure your own skirts are clean because they'll blow anything out of proportion in order to stop you and frighten off other people who would help their victims --much like the Islamic terrorists in Iraq are doing to keep Iraqis in "bondage" to Islamic Law.


COAFRA said...

I can attest to the retaliation. I am a major loud voice against the local corruption in Fremont County, home of the prisons of Colorado. In repayment for my intensive scrutiny, and for helping families to learn how to fight for themselves in court, I have now lost my grand daughter. I am fighting to get her out of the clutches of the very people we have sued in Fed courts for their horrible violations of almost every tenet of the Constitution.
They are claiming: That this child's mother is unfit, that the mother's boyfriend is a violent sex offender (based on a false accusation from seven YEARS ago, for which he was never tried, and never convicted, and could not have been.. it was a lie) They are now claiming that this child is doing so much better, she had regressed so badly in her mother's care, the prosecutor, (whom I testified against in the Colorado Supreme Court recently) is pressuring the judge for immediate judgement against the mother, and termination.
He is a vile and greedy power monger. I cannot stress enough how right Ray is. If you do this work, carry a tape recorder, a small video cam, and NEVER speak to one of them without it on. Even a cop in a traffic stop can present danger to you. I am convinced that my life is in serious danger. And I am NOT prone to paranoia. Christine,, Colorado Family Rights Assn.

Laura Morseth said...

Dr. Browns National Advisory on CHILDREN - "must read". (ex Senator, trying to HELP children-retaliation against!)

TOO High up, TOO Rich & TOO Powerful, to do anything about them-DeCamps words!

These sites EXPLAIN, what HAS been, IS & WILL continue, to go on with our CHILDREN-resources, commodities, livestock, slaves, property, & MERCHANDISE!

Yes, retaliation is used, even in the Highest Levels of U.S. Government.

Do be careful. I'm a Grannie too, that similar IS happening to. I am Big Brothers product, also-in 1963. or

Yam said...

Hi Coafra I can arrest to major retaliation too. My child was locked in a ebd room everyday at school, forced medication, assaulted, bullied, beatup weekly, and the history teacher posing as a ebd teacher turned her head. She came home from school drugged to the max on ritalin, and lithinate beat me up, went to schol braging about beating me up since she had a bruise over her eye lid from the EBD room, I had a dr's note from the school on the bruise incident, social services took all 3 of my kids away from me and falsely accused me. I get my children back, but then I went to the state and took the state training as a partners n policymaking grad. moved on in a state Gov committee for 2 terms, then took the school to IDEA Due process, proved they did not even have a special ed IEP or plan and had her locked up and medicated with out proper IEP accomodations, they ere found in violation from monitoring & compliance for not having a current iep, and sanctioned, they drug me through a 4 yr IDEA Due Process. I eventually prevailed on the merits , but the 8th sat on there butts and let the child age out of the system, the district spent a million bucks to keep my kids off the bus to the neighboring district line, when they were already going there, just to keep from starting presidence, the whole time they sent social services on me and stepped on the toes of a federal due process , trying to yank my child from home to moot the due process. It would take a entire book to explain all the retaliation they did to me and my children, they shot and killed the girls horses and dogs , shot at me on the tractor, falsely arrested me, had me beat up by a social workers son. they had my daughter beat up so bad she almost had to go into the hospital, they refused to cash my real estate taxes in my checks , held them then tried to take my property for back taxes, I had to pay them for a 3rd time with then penalities and interest. They stole my entire herd of horses 2 yrs ago 3-3-03, then dumped them off at a vacant farm next door a mile away 4 days later. Ater I called every sale barn in the country with photos. They took my nephews girlfriends 3 kids away from her for house sitting for me, while I went out of town. I could go on & on, I paid a dective 1000 bucks to investigate the social workers, and what I found they should be in the 10 most wanted. 2 of the workers just happened to start working for our small corrupt town, right after that the Winatchee witch hunt episode in Washington. the 2 psychologists, practicing social work and psychology here in Minnesota without licensure, and making recommendations to the court? Seems the gov moves these trouble makers to line there pockets and shut down advocates and people that know too much.

Martha said...



It is time for us to organize and take action.

No amount of blogging and hand holding will save our kids.

Our kids need someone to take up the real fight for them.