Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Legislators Want DCS Split After Double Murders

And what in hell is that going to solve? Make it harder for foster children with violent backgrounds to do violence again? What foster parent is going to knowingly take in a child that has committed violence? Such children ought to be placed in the juvenile jail system where they can't do violence, except maybe to other violent prisoners. They think they can treat violent offenders who happen to be children the same way they do other children? That's idiocy! The biggest danger to non-violent children in "the system" is from foster parents themselves (their own statistics show this). The second biggest danger is from other foster children. So what does "dividing them in two" do to "correct" this problem? (WKRN, 1/7/08)


childrescuer said...

Why do you think some children in foster care are violent? Does not take a genius to figure it out. These kids are DRUGGED, ABUSED, kept away from their families, etc. Give them back to their families and $$$ to get their lives back together. Put the adult criminal authorities in prison and see how long it takes before they become violent. Duh.

Ray Thomas said...


I can't disagree with a word you said.