Sunday, December 16, 2007

"No Cause for Concern": Says State

Child sex abusers held together with abused. Could there be a better recipe for disaster when child sex abusers are being held in the same institution with abused children? They beat them and regularly dope them up to "quiet them down" and ignore their pleas for "mercy." They hire the cheapest staff they can find, people who can be had for $20,000 a year or less. People with no training and in some cases, abusers themselves. And the state "sees no cause for concern." This is the kind of "protection" that is offered to "abused children" from 9 up in Nashville, Kentucky. Is it the same elsewhere? An anonymous worker who actually works there is complaining and when they figure out who she is, she'll no longer work there because "the inmates are running the asylum." Not the kids, the adults. The fact that state officials see "no cause for concern" itself concerns me. I can only pray that none of my family ever gets sent there. Think about how many adult sex offenders they are creating there. How about those who become serial killers because of their treatment in this facility? I think this facility should be closed immediately and most of its staff imprisoned. (Nashville Scene, 12/13/07)

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