Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Child Protector" Arrested for Child Abuse

If she found a mother beating her child with a belt so badly there were still marks on her body a month later, she'd have her arrested for child abuse and the child would be taken from her immediately. But she works for the "child protectors" (under whatever name they use), so even though she, herself, has been arrested, she still works for them and draws a paycheck. "I have never abused my children," says Cylenthia Clark, who is in obvious denial. What does it take for this agency to fire somebody? They destroy the lives of other parents for a lot less. (Protected & Murdered, 3/14/07)


Anonymous said...

these (children/teens)need discipline. they need to know before they are 18 that police don't care what your momma or daddy did. It is cruel to let them rule your house out of fear of DFCS

Ray Thomas 101 said...


You're absolutely right. The "child protectors" instill the opinion in your children that you have no authority, that you can's touch them, you can't even "ground them." Then, when they predictably get in real trouble, they want to blame YOU and penalize you for what they did.