Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Foster Child Murdered

Ken Taylor got mad at one of his many foster children, so he murdered him. There were many complaints against him for neglecting his foster children before that, but they were ignored by the "child protectors." His foster children were coming and going freely at all hours, and some were even breaking into homes in the neighborhood and stealing things. Complaints were sent to the "child protectors" and were routinely ignored. At one point, a "child protector" spokesman claimed to be "unaware of any problems" in the home. "Unaware." After many complaints. I predict that this incident will be "investigated," that DCF will claim "not enough money to keep track of foster homes," and "not enough people (a result of not enough money) to check them out, DCF will get an increased budget, a few "small fry" in DCF will be fired or "reassigned" (a bureaucratic way to get rid of wrongdoers without punishing them) and life will go on. It will be "business as usual" until the next foster child is murdered by a foster parent. Then we'll do it all again and another foster child will be buried. (Knoxville News-Sentinel, 11/29/07)

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