Thursday, June 05, 2008

"ATTEMPTED" Child Abuse?

He raped a THREE-YEAR-OLD CHILD and they let him "plead out" to a charge of "ATTEMPTED" child abuse? Maybe he needed Viagara and didn't have any, so he couldn't get the job done. But a THREE-YEAR-OLD CHILD? There has to be something worse than ATTEMPTED child abuse for him. Maybe when he gets to prison one of the other prisoners might have some ideas on what should be done with a "baby-raper." I notice the article about it wasn't very specific. Maybe they just couldn't bear to write about a man who had sex with a THREE-YEAR-OLD? Maybe the "child protectors" couldn't get to him before he did it because they were too busy going after people they KNEW weren't guilty, but from whom they could siphon the most money? (MSNBC)

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