Thursday, May 29, 2008

"CPS Exceeds Authority"

So what else is new? They do that every time they go out on a "case." But their excessive acts do not usually involve hundreds of children who are "taken" because they "might" have been abused in the past or "might" be abused in the future. Yes, I'm sure there were a number of children who were forced into "marrying" older men, thinking it was "how the world worked." They didn't think they were "forced" because they were taught from birth this was the "right way" to go and they didn't know any different. But that is not an excuse for "child protectors" to just walk in and "take" hundreds of children, even if they don't believe in their religious concepts of "marriage." Each case should be considered on its own merits BEFORE any children are taken from their parents. I'm sure this case is not over, but it should be much better done without hundreds of children being taken as a "first option" as CPS (or whatever they're called there) generally does. (Houston Chronicle)

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