Wednesday, May 28, 2008

B-B-But That's The Way They Operate!

And they get away with it all the time because mostly the courts in which they operate are their own "captive courts" where "evidence" can be nothing more than a worker's opinion. Where they screwed up this time is trying to do it in front of the world and NATIONAL media. They couldn't keep operating as judge, jury, and executioner themselves, and the judge who "caught the case" realized that. There may have been many underage "mothers" or mothers who were underage when they were forced into marriage with much older men. But unfortunately, the proof just wasn't easily obtainable and the "child protectors" just aren't used to operating under such restrictions). So these underage mothers or FORMER underage mothers will be reunited with their husbands and many co-wives, and things will "go back to (their kind of) normal." This isn't about multiple wives, which IS illegal everywhere in this country. It's about forcing CHILDREN to be screwed by old men and become the mothers of their many children. They need to keep on investigating this situation without involving the "child protectors," who routinely exceed their authority and, unless it's in THEIR courts, can screw it up royally. (Café Hayek)

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