Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Removing Consequences and Making Hoodlums

I've long said that when you remove the consequences for an act, people are going to DO that act and expect to get away with it. The biggest example of this is the "know-nothing do-gooder" who knows nothing about what is going on, but who sticks her/his nose in it anyway. Nothing is a better example than the situation below: "The liberals have been taking away our rights and liberties for years, and this is just another example of this invasion of our privacy. ‘The woman that started this whole thing took offense to a child being spanked for acting bad. She had no idea what was really going on, but she made it her business to butt in.' And I will tell you where this whole idea of crap is going to end up. We are going to have, in the future, a generation of hoodlums who have grown up without any idea of what is right and what is wrong. [That's in bold because it's the most important thing in this post. -RT] To them there will be no consequences for their actions, and there will be no stimulus for them to do the right things. The only input that these children will have, is negative input because when they are good, nothing will be said. When they are bad, they will be called victims by the authorities and they will be coddled by the government and taken away from good parents." This is liberalism at work. (Tired of Liberal Rhetoric)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post, referencing mine. I have blogmarked your blog and it will be on my blog soon.


Ray Thomas said...

Robert: Thanks. I've done the same for yours.