Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11 Kids Abandoned in Nebraska

Some of the older ones because their parents were not able to control them. And why is that? Because the "child protectors" and their propaganda have convinced people's children that all they have to do if they're "dissatisfied" in any way with their treatment at the hands of their parents, is to call CPS and they'll "take care of it." Some kids have "made the call" simply because their parents would not let them go to the movies or have confined them to their rooms with all their toys because they had violated the rules. And CPS routinely sides with the kids, "chiding" parents about "being too restrictive." Soon those kids "get the message" that their parents no longer have any authority over them and, when they predictably get in trouble, they (CPS) want to blame the parents. Pretty soon those kids are no longer able to be "handled." I don't blame some of those parents for "abandoning" those kids in a safe manner. Things can get pretty nasty if kids REFUSE to be "controlled. If my children were in that age bracket and continually defied my authority, making them impossible to handle, I would tell them if they kept it up I'd turn them over to the "child protectors" and they wouldn't like that, not a bit. I would hope that would "cure" the problem and make them more amenable to the rules. If they kept it up, soon they'd be "in the system," being passed around from foster home to foster home, even being abused and sexually abused, sometimes by the foster parents, and other times by fellow foster children. I would hope they didn't push me that far. They don't know just how hard it would be to get themselves back home. Maybe not possible at all, because once the "child protectors" get their hands on them, they're like leeches, and just won't let go unless forced. And when they become adults, the "child protectors" will just abandon them without even giving them a change of clothes and a little money, the way the prison system DOES for criminals when they let them out of THEIR "system." (Yahoo News)

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