Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Is Child Protection

“In September, an HSLDA [Home School Legal Defense Association –RT] member family in Sinton was visited by a social worker who had a list of allegations an anonymous tipster had called in. The list included that the family homeschools, that the children are sent to bed ‘really early’ and do not play with neighbor kids, and that there are firearms in the home.” All things that are legal to intelligent persons. In this case this “dastardly family” sent their kids to bed too early and they must be punished! They also homeschooled their kids and had firearms in the house! (Last I heard, there was a constitutional protection for “guns in the house”) That’s the opinion of the “child protectors.” How stupid ARE they? They also punish parents for “grounding” their children for “acting out,” and for other things parents do to be able to control their children. Thus, they “send a message” to your kids that their parents have NO authority over them and they can do as they wish. That all they have to do is “drop a dime (now a quarter) on their parents if they don’t like the way they’re being punished and the “child protectors” will take care of it. Then, when they predictably get in trouble, they (the “child protectors”) want to blame the parents. This will ultimately destroy parental authority over their children. But that’s what the “child protectors” are after. Then their parents cannot object when their schools brainwash them to believe socialism is a “good thing” (as one of my nephews told me one day). (HSLDA)


Legally Kidnapped said...

I prefer the term babystealer to child protectors.

Has a much more truthful ring to it, don't you think?

Anyway, I have added you to my blog list.

Ray Thomas said...

Legally: I call them "child protectors" sarcastically. Like calling a 400 pound giant "Tiny." Thanks for your comment. If that time tag is correct, you sure stay up late!