Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Business As Usual" at CPS

“BUSINESS AS USUAL” AT CPS: “The Sacramento County grand jury ripped Child Protective Services in a report released today, saying the agency has ignored repeated recommendations for improvement and that CPS has ‘persistent, recurring and systemic problems resulting in child abuse-related deaths.The Grand Jury has reported on the shortcomings of CPS since 1996,’ said a cover letter from grand jury foreman Donald W. Prange Sr. ‘Findings and recommendations have fallen on deaf ears. Nothing Ever Changes ... Ever,’ he typed in bold-face.” Is anybody surprised? This is what happens every time the “child protectors” are “investigated.” They ignore the court’s orders and continue to do the same things that got them in trouble before. More children are killed and abused (sexually and otherwise) and they continue to “poor mouth” us using it as a "fund raiser," saying they’d “like to do what the court ordered, but they’re too ‘slammed’ with work and just don’t have enough money or people to get the job done.” Of course, that’s a lie, but the court believes them, gives them more money to hire more people, and life (for everybody but some of the children) goes on--until the next child dies or is sexually or otherwise abused and they can’t hide it. Then we do it all again. (Sacramento Bee)

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