Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm NOT Against Child Protection!

I saw a billboard once that consisted of many repetitions of one phrase: “Never hurt a child!” Over and over again. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. Unfortunately the people who put up that billboard do not mean a word of it. People criticize me because they THINK I’m against child protection, but I’m not. I’m against what PASSES for child protection today, preventing the “child protectors” from having time to go after REAL child abusers. They have “hot lines” set up where you can call in an ANONYMOUS “report” of child abuse. They take that as “prima-facie evidence” of child abuse and TAKE the child as a FIRST OPTION while forcing the parents to “jump through many hoops” to avoid being falsely (mostly) charged with child abuse. They do everything they can to CRIMINALIZE parents so they can ultimately put their children up for adoption, therefore earning up to $6,000 PER CHILD if they’re successful. More than 80% of ALL child abuse reports are NOT sustainable (by their own figures, which they play down), yet they treat EACH one as if just the report is evidence of abuse. This robs them of the time and resources to go after REAL child abusers. This is why so many children ARE raped, physically abused, even murdered, mostly AFTER abuse has been reported in their family.

They just don’t have the time or manpower to go after all of them, so they continue to harass people even after it has become obvious there is NO child abuse in their family. They use such murders, and those that actually happen IN their custody as “fund-raisers” when they happen, claiming not enough money in their budgets, and therefore not enough people to do all the work. When the “investigation” ends, they get a bigger budget, fire or transfer (lateral shift) a few low-ranking workers (victims), hire more top-echelon people, and it’s “business as usual.” They’re in it for the money. They get FEES from the feds at every juncture, from the first HOUR after TAKING the child from his/her parents. Every step they take profits the “child protectors” one way or another; mostly in the form of “bonuses” for “good work” (meaning how many kids they are able to take, and how many adoptions they can arrange). If these people were really interested in “protecting” children, they’d recognize it when a parent is innocent of abuse and use their time more wisely, going after REAL child abusers while NOT abusing the child themselves by their practices.

In Arizona they used to have a “medical procedure” called Plethysmography (I think that’s how they spelled it) where they put a penis-shaped probe into the vagina of a child as young as 12 and showed her government-made pornography to “judge her level of interest in certain sexual acts. With a boy it was a ring-shaped sensor placed around the base of his penis. If the boy had supposedly been sexually abused by a man, they used the penis-shaped sensor in his anus to see if he liked it. If this is NOT “child abuse,” I don’t know what is. When they were “found out,” they stopped it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were doing it again now—or just doing it somewhere else. Sexually abusing the child while calling it “treatment.” I was the VICTIM of the “child abus—protectors” early in my life. They stole two of my children while I was out of state, arresting my second wife for child abuse. They couldn’t prove it (even in THEIR “captive courts”) and the charges were dropped.

But they kept the boys and put them up for adoption after giving me an erroneous day for the supposed “final hearing” at which our parental rights were to be revoked so I didn’t show up. Previously, every time I showed up, they postponed it. The day I did not show up, it was done in ten minutes. I have not seen my two boys in more than 35 years. I don’t know if they’re alive or dead. No charges were EVER lodged against me and the ones against my wife were dropped. But they destroyed my family anyway. It’s even worse today than it was then because they passed a federal law to MAKE it worse. The whole scam is being fed by FEDERAL “fees” paid to local agencies from the moment they take a child from his/her parents. So they have a definite INCENTIVE to take the child as a FIRST option. THIS is why I’m against “child protection” as it is today (Just common sense)

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