Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Step

Obama’s government is taking one more step in the direction of destroying the rights of America’s parents to make decisions for their children. No parent wants his/her child to be sexually active at 15 to 17 years of age. But this law, which allows those as young as 17 to buy a “morning after pill” WITHOUT their parents being notified, does so.. This means they can gaily have sex at a very young age (an age at which an adult would go to prison for having sex with them) and get a “morning after pill” without their parent’s knowledge. For my part, I want to KNOW if my 17-year-old grandchild is having sex, so I can at least advise them on safe practices if nothing else. The very fact that she needs a “morning after pill” tells me she’s not having “safe sex” and could very well be infected with a dangerous sexually-transmitted disease and not know it until too late. This trend is evident, not only in this instance, but in the way parents are treated by “child services” whenever somebody makes an ANONYMOUS “report” of child abuse, sometimes at the advice of a lawyer to get their opponent’s mind off a suit in another action entirely. Since there is NO penalty, even if the “report” is a vicious attempt to hurt an innocent person, gives people an INCENTIVE to make such reports while the “child protectors” treat such “reports” as “gospel.” As “prima-facie evidence” that abuse has occurred, treating the parents as “guilty until proven innocent” while their “captive courts” accept the worker's OPINIONS as “evidence,” rather than the hearsay it usually is. (Yahoo News/AP)

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