Sunday, July 19, 2009

Get to the Children Early

The Nazis knew the best way to have no trouble with the populace in the future was to “get to the children early” while they’re too young to know what’s best, and teach them what you want to teach; in this case, collectivism (socialism). So they passed a law: The Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act of 1974, (CAPTA). This law set up a system of BONUSES, paid to local child protection agencies at every juncture. When they TOOK children as a FIRST OPTION, with or without proven child abuse. While in their custody, they can “program” them in any way they wished. Moreover, they could “put the fear of God” in parents and eliminate parental rights, based on real, or IMAGINED child abuse therefore stopping them from objecting effectively when their children are being taught collectivism (socialism) as an ideal in school. They paid “the locals” for every HOUR the child was “in the system,” and for every DAY.

If they were able to revoke the parent’s rights and put the children up for adoption, they got $4,500 to $6,000 PER CHILD from the government. That this gives them an INCENTIVE to take children from their parents on the smallest pretext, keeping them as long as they can, and finally putting them up for adoption need not be said. Locals themselves made money in the form of “bonuses” for the number of children they were able top take from their parents for “performance.” They received promotions based on their “performance,” and THAT means more money. Yes, SOME are just “good people” doing a “hard job.” Others do whatever they have to do to get those bonuses and promotions. The “good people” are often ORDERED to do things they don’t wish to do by their bosses, who are often just looking for those bonuses. It’s a scam to deprive parents of control over what their children are taught in school. (Just common sense)

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