Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not Like the Branch Davidians

When local cops went to Warren Jeffs' "child sex compound" after a child called them complaining she was forced into sex with a 50-year-old man, it was not like Waco. At Waco, they just wanted to "take down" the group and used possible sexual abuse of children as their excuse, and wound up killing many of the children they told usd they went there to "save." Here, there is a "compound" where it is well known "old men" regularly screw little girls who have nothing to say about it and are afraid to say or do anything about it. The courageous child who called the cops has not been found, and might even be dead, killed to "save" their "child sex compound." They may never find her, or her body. This is what happens when the "child protectors" treat every "report" they get as "prima-facie evidence" of abuse, even if no proof is there and thus, have such large caseloads that they tend to ignore such things as Jeffs' "compound" because it's too much work. They only notice when they get a call from a VICTIM who says she has been repeatedly raped by "old men" without her permission, nor knowledge that she has a right to refuse. Finally, they went in, when they HAD TO, and found HUNDREDS of small girls (after the article linked here was published) who had been similarly sexually abused on a regular basis. It was a "way of life" for them, for as long as they could remember. So what will happen now? The "child protectors" will excuse their failure by saying they "don't have enough people nor enough money." Then they will get more money and more people and will, as usual, have used failure as a "fund-raiser" while life goes on, "business as usual." (Parrerico)

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