Saturday, April 05, 2008

School "Crotch Inspectors"

What would you think if your children were subjected to "crotch inspections" to see if they were secreting ASPIRIN in their pants? Boy! What a neat excuse for someone who likes to look at little boys and little girls naked to get APPROVAL to strip search children 13 and under at school? I've heard of this before, but I thought school "authorities" had learned their lesson before they found themselves unemployed or in prison for child abuse. But apparently they've learned nothing in Safford,Arizona, where they do this regularly, and with COURT APPROVAL! (Notice it's the oft-reversed 9th Circuit Court that made that decision). I wonder how many children will be scarred by this experience before "wiser heads" reverse their decision (as usual)? In 2003, on the unsupported word of a student caught with a small number of 400 Mg Ibuprofen pills, an Honor Student with NO record of anything but superlative grades was summarily strip-searched without notification of her parents OR any kind of a warrant. What makes these people think they have the power to do such things is beyond me. If there was any REAL danger, they should call the parent and have THEM do any searches they feel necessary. Jacob Sullum says, "Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between "drug warriors" and "child molesters." I agree. Maybe because there IS no difference in some cases. The girl said it was the most humiliating experience she had ever had. The school principal (Robert Beeman) said the strip-search was "no big deal" because they didn't find anything and did it on the unsupported accusation of the student who was in trouble and wanted to "share" it. I say this supercilious jerk is wrong. It WAS a "big deal" BECAUSE they didn't find anything! This will not be the last such report, as liberals get more and more power. The "child protectors" weren't even involved, according to this report. (The Atlasphere/Jacob Sullum)

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