Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet Another "Governor's Committee on Child Abuse"

Gov. Ritter is incensed that 13 children have died last year IN CUSTODY of the child protectors, so he's "forming a committee" to look into it and come up with "changes." Maybe they'll do something concrete. I don't know. I was a member of such a committee a couple of governors ago, and when I came up with some concrete things wrong with child protection in Colorado and some suggestions to go with them, from that point on, I couldn't find out when or where the next meeting was. The next year, the committee completed its work and the child protectors (predictably) got more money to pay for "more people." The government is the only place I can think of where you can use incompetence as a "fund-raiser." Nobody got fired, although a number of low-level workers got "transferred" (a "lateral transfer"). I hope the same thing doesn't happen again. I'll be watching. (CBS 4 Denver)


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to believe that the unending search for the "right person" who IS responsible and WILL demand accountability does not exist.

From County Commissioners to the Governor, to state and federal representatives, to the state courts' chief justice, the legal system, including the CO Bar, the HHS regional office for federal compliance, etc. etc. - if they make money off the system, they don't care about destroying families - because we're all crappy parents, you know.
This really sucks.

Ray Thomas said...

Anon: It's hard to DEMAND accountability when they lie to you about where and when the future meetings are to be the minute they find out you're SERIOUS about "cleaning up" the "child protector racket," as they did to me. The governor doesn't really care. He just wants the complainers to "shut up" so he can go on lining his own pockets from the state's coffers in peace. You might want to read my new book, "What's WRONG in America," just out. It contains an entire chapter on the "child protection racket." You can get it from Barnes *& Noble, Amazon, or the "Outskirts Press Bookstore." If you have any trouble finding it, send me an e-mail.